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Looking for a Unique Activity near Fruit Heights? Try Axe Throwing at Hatchet Jaxe!

Have you heard the hype about axe throwing? That’s right: One of the most popular activities to get out and try is to throw axes for recreation! Sounds interesting, right? 

If this is something that you’d like to try, you are in luck! Hatchet Jaxe is located right outside of Fruit Heights, Utah, and it is a great place to try out this new and unique pastime! Here are three reasons why you should head over to Hatchet Jaxe and give axe throwing a try!

Great Social Activity

Axe throwing at Hatchet Jaxe is a great way to be more social! Elyse McFeggan on kickaxe.com says, “No matter what kind of axe-throwing you’re doing, whether it’s competitive or simply for fun, it’s a guaranteed great social event. You have all the makings of a fun social activity: friends, a talking point, drinks, and an engaging activity.” Whether your group is big or small, it will be a great way to bond and have some fun together! 

Fun Form of Exercise

Axe throwing is a ton of fun, but it is also a great way to get some exercise as well! It is amazing how good of a workout you can get while you are distracted by the fact that you are having a total blast! Kaska Kwiecien with Spoon University explains, “From the motion of swinging your arms and releasing the blade to the bending and squatting of retrieving it, the notion that this unconventional activity is a workout is the last thing crossing your mind.” So, if you’re looking to burn some calories in a way that’s much more enjoyable than burpees, make sure to keep Hatchet Jaxe in mind.

Super Unique Experience

Another reason why you should consider Hatchet Jaxe for your next date night or family outing is that it is totally unique! It’s good to get out, try new things, and make some new memories with the people you are closest with! So if you are in Fruit Heights and looking to spice up your normal routine, take some time to try axe throwing!

Hatchet Jaxes is a great place to go and try a new activity while you’re in the Fruit Heights area! Axe throwing is a social activity, a fun form of exercise, and a unique way to make some memories! Be sure to book an appointment at Hatchet Jaxe and give it a try! And if you’re looking for a place to stay in Fruit Heights, we’d love to show you our beautiful homes at ICO Orchard Farms. Head to our website to book a tour!