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Cherry Hill Takes on Halloween in Fruit Heights

Cherry Hill

Fall is upon us, and we are all trying to get into the seasonal spirit! From sweaters and candles to everything pumpkin spice, we just can’t get enough of this season! Fall has everyone trying to cozy up, grab a warm drink, and make some memories! 

As you look for fun activities around Fruit Heights this year, don’t skip over the excitement of experiencing Scary Hill! Let’s take a look at a few ways Cherry Hill can provide the perfect Halloween experience—no matter your age!

Take the Littles

Memories last forever, and it’s never too early to start making fall memories with your young kids! Scary Hill offers a discounted Infant/Toddler Pass for your young ones ages three and under. Whether it’s in the Spooky Maze or the Bug Bounce House, they’re never too young to get in on the fun! Here are some of the activities included in the Infant/Toddler Pass:

  • Bone Yard Tractor Rides
  • Spooky Maze
  • Jr. Jungle Boats
  • Hamster Haven
  • Bug Bounce House
  • Battlestar Blasters 

Scary Hill wants to make sure that the WHOLE family can experience the Halloween fun—not just the big kids!

Teen Fun

Just like Cherry Hill during other seasons, Scary Hill has enough fun to keep kids of ALL ages entertained! If you’re looking for more than a tractor ride through the skeleton park, why not give the mini golf a try? Every hole on the course gets “haunted” in festive themes to keep the spooky feelings alive! 

Maybe you’re looking for something more active and want to show off your rock climbing skills. Haven’t climbed before? Watch this video to make sure you know the fundamentals of rock climbing before jumping in.

Something for Everyone

Haven’t heard something you’d like to try? Don’t give up just yet! A walk around the park will surely help you spark an interest. Head on over to the Pie Pantry and grab yourself a festive treat to enjoy while you soak in the spooky ambiance of the haunted park! 

Cherry Hill’s scary transformation is not something you want to miss out on this October! Make sure to include Scary Hill in your Halloween plans, and experience the fun of making fall memories! While you’re out and about in Fruit Heights, make sure to stop and take a look at Orchard Farms apartments! Our model is open on weekdays, or you can schedule a tour here!