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Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

Apartment bedroom

Renting an apartment rather than buying a home is becoming more common, and it’s clear why. There are so many advantages to renting, and during this time of remote work, the flexibility is even more appealing. But there is one tricky problem to overcome with renting: How do you make your apartment feel like home? 

The good news is that it’s totally possible to transform your space into a homey haven with these three apartment decorating tips:

Layered Rugs

What’s better than one rug? Two rugs! While one rug adds comfort and personality to your space, two rugs layered on top of each other takes it up a notch. How can you pull off this technique?

First, check out the ideas at this link. Beautiful, right? Once you’ve found rugs with the colors, patterns, and textures to pull your space together, you can either stack a smaller rug on a larger rug or have large rugs overlap. Give it a try!

Room Dividers

One of our favorite apartment decorating tips is to put up room dividers. Now, this may not be for everyone: Some people enjoy wide-open space in their apartment, and that’s great! Others may find that too much open space feels empty or overwhelming. 

If you fall into the latter group, consider breaking down large rooms into sections with room dividers. Besides adding a splash of color, this technique also gives the room a cozier feel. It may even make arranging furniture and choosing focal points easier.

Pillows and Blankets

Finally, add pillows and blankets. You probably already have pillows and blankets on your bed and couch, but it’s worth adding a couple more to amp up that homey feeling. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to add more color, texture, and style to your apartment. Not only will it make your apartment look better, but it will make it feel better too!

There are plenty of home decor shops near ICO Fairbourne Station in West Valley City, Utah. Check out HomeGoods, At Home, or The Warehouse to try out our apartment decorating tips. You might just find the perfect item you have been needing to make your apartment feel more like home.