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Three Dog Parks Near Draper, Utah, that Your Pup Will Love

Spring is around the corner, which means warm weather and more sunshine. As we prepare to say goodbye to the snow and hello to green trees and blooming flowers, now is the perfect time to go outside with your furry friend!

There are so many hiking trails and dog parks near Draper, Utah, that we know your cute pup will love. Read on to learn more about our favorites, and consider bringing your fluffy companion when the weather is nice!

Dayland Dog Park

If you live in Draper and own a pet, you’ve probably heard about this amazing park. Dayland Dog Park is towards the top of our list, and there are plenty of reasons why it’s one of our favorites!

The park has two enclosed sections: one for large dogs and the other for small dogs. Both areas consist of hills, grass, and gravel. What makes this park unique is that it has a creek running through the park for dogs to play in. If your pup is a water animal at heart, then this is the perfect place! In addition to the creek, the park also offers a trail around the perimeter for dog owners, making it easy to get in your daily steps while your pup socializes.

If these details haven’t sold you yet, then maybe the positive reviews will: Draper City Dog Park has 4.6 stars on Google and OVER 1,000 reviews. It’s safe to say that Draper residents love this place. If you have never been, take this as a sign to go.

Suncrest Trail

Only a 15-minute drive away from ICO Vista Station, Suncrest Trail is a popular spot for pets and pet owners. It is a 2.7-mile loop trail located near Draper, Utah, that features stunning views and beautiful wildflowers.

If you are wondering whether this trail is suitable for smaller dogs, the answer is yes. AllTrails labeled the hike as easy for both humans and dogs. However, If you go in the winter, be prepared for snow. You’ll either need boots or snowshoes with spikes, and your dog will need booties.

If your dog is a little shy or gets overwhelmed at a large park, this trail is a great option. Don’t forget to keep your dog on a leash at all times and to bring doggie bags to pick up your pet’s waste.

ICO Vista Station Pet Plaza

If you don’t have time to take your furry friend to the park or on a hike, there is no need to worry! There is a dog park in your backyard. At ICO Vista Station, we offer a pet plaza for our residents and their fluffy companions. Like a dog park, the pet plaza is an enclosed area where pets can run without a leash.

Whether you are on your lunch break or have a few minutes to spare in between conference calls, stop by our pet plaza with your cute pup. Your pup can socialize with other dogs, and you with your fellow neighbors. We may be biased, but the pet plaza is our favorite dog park in Draper, Utah, mainly because it is so accessible for our wonderful residents and their dogs.

If you and Fido need a new playspot, there are so many parks near Draper, Utah, to visit. For socializing and swimming, stop at Dayland Dog Park. For an easy pet-friendly hike, take a walk on Suncrest Trail. And for a convenient play area, visit the ICO Vista Station Pet Plaza on the south side of building B. We hope you have a rufftastic time!